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Buying The Right Running Shoes

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It can be difficult knowing what to believe when it comes to running shoes! Everyone has different

feet, and mechanics, so there is no “right shoe” for all runners. However, there are some general characteristics of a good, safe running shoe.

Soles are important

Avoid thick cushioning and high soles. This can actually encourage runners to adopt poor bio-mechanics, and land with greater impact than shoes with less cushioning. This is important in avoiding knee damage.

Minimal heel-to-toe drop is better

This drop is the difference in the thickness of the heel cushion compared to the forefoot cushion. Shoes with no drop or a small drop 6mm or less are the best choice for allowing the foot to normally support loading during each gait cycle.

A big drop can interfere with normal foot motion during weight bearing.

What about my arch?

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Extra arch supports are not usually necessary and orthotics should be temporary fixes (6-8 weeks) until foot strength is increased.

Foot strengthening exercises are far more beneficial than arch supports on a daily basis.

Do you pronate or drop your foot inward?

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Pronation is a natural shock absorber.

Beware of running shoes with arch supports that attempt to stop pronation. These can actually cause foot or knee problems to develop.

Pronation can be corrected with therapy and exercises to strengthen the foot, leg and hip rather than by a shoe.

Buy the shoe that fits!

Sizes are just guides, and they change from shoe to shoe, so ensure that you have your feet sized in the shop. Ensure there is room for your feet to breathe, and never force your feet into shoes that are too tight, or cause you pain.

Don’t crush your toes

Be sure the shoe has a wide toe box. The toe box is the area where your forefoot and toes are. You should be able to wiggle your toes easily. Narrow toe boxes do not permit the normal splay, or spread of the foot bones during running. This will prevent your feet from being able to safely distribute the forces during the loading phase of gait.

There should be at least 1⁄2 inch of room between the toes and front of shoe, about enough space to place your thumb between your big toe and the front of the shoe. Be sure that the heel does not slip when you run.

Buy Your shoes in the afternoon!

Your feet swell slightly during the day, meaning that shoes that fit in the morning may be tighter at  the end of the day.

When should you I replace my running shoes?

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Replacing running shoes every 350 miles is recommended, but shoes will vary depending on the materials they are made with.

If there are wear patterns on the shoe that reveal the sole layers underneath, discard the shoes.

Uneven wear on the shoe sole causes changes in running mechanics that lead to injury.

Susan Ramadan trains and sleeps at altitude!

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Australian champion boxer Susie Ramadan isn’t going to make the same mistake twice!

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BOXER IN A BUBBLE – World Title contender, Australia’s Susie Ramadan leaves no stone unturned preparing for her October 25th World Title Fight in Mexico City by sleeping in an altitude tent for three weeks prior to the fight.

She fought for a World Title in Mexico City a while back and was beaten. “I couldn’t believe how much I struggled with the altitude. The woman I’m fighting is a local and as such she was well acclimatized to the ”rarified air” commented Susie.

She now trains with Rod Cedaro and the team at Altitude Services in Australia. “When I got back to Australia I started researching the topic a little further and was reading about how various athletes, who were favourites at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, were beaten, not necessarily by better athletes, but by athletes who were from high altitude areas and used to the environment. This sounded exactly like what had happened to me. I’d heard about how Altitude Services had masterfully steered Randy Petalcorin’s altitude training resulting in a world title, so I decided I too wanted to be guided by the world leaders in altitude simulation” said Susie.

“Susie’s experience isn’t unique. If two athletes are of a similar ability and one lives at altitude and the other doesn’t, the one living at altitude is at a vast advantage the longer the event goes. All we’re doing is helping to level the playing field for Susie. We’re providing a progressive program over a three week period to pre-acclimate her before she arrives in Mexico City a week before the fight. At least this time she’ll be competing on a level playing field” commented Rod Cedaro, General Manager of Altitude Services.

Altitude Services sponsored boxer Randy “Ultratune” Petalcorin win the world title!

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Rod Cedaro altitude servicesWatch Altitude Services sponsored boxer – Randy “Ultratune” Petalcorin claim his World Title vs Walter Tello in Shanghai, China.

We’re hoping it is the first of many for Altitude Services sponsored athletes. As a young altitude simulation company our systems have produced Group 1 winning race horses and now a boxing world title holder – not bad in less than 12 months! We have worked with Randy in areas of his training and  as he said after the fight:

My training going into this event was perfect. The altitude training gave me the edge. I finished the fight in the seventh round and felt strong throughout”


Rod Cedaro with the new Altitude Simulator Prototype

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Altitude Services Pty. Ltd. General Manager Rod Cedaro is pictured here with the latest prototype individual use altitude simulator.

“Here at Altitude Services we’re always trying to push the envelope with product design and refinement. Our engineering team has been working on the latest technology around altitude simulation and has come up with this prototype and for a first draft it is great, but not yet perfect. We’ve reviewed the system, provided some feedback and it is now back in the hands of the engineers to refine. I’m certain once this, yet to be name system, is finalised, we’ll have the world’s most advanced personal use altitude simulator in our stock range” recently commented Cedaro.

Rod Cedaro from Altitude Services Spreads the Word!

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Altitude Services General Manager Rod Cedaro recently travelled to Cairns in Far North Queensland to deliver a series of lectures related to endurance sports preparation to an enthusiastic group from the Cairns Crocs Triathlon Club. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there on the internet these days and people really struggle to separate fact from fiction. By running these endurance sports seminars, Altitude Services hopes to better inform athletes in all facets of endurance sports training” said Rod Cedaro, a qualified sports physiologist, Level 3 triathlon coach and himself a former elite professional triathlete and distance runner.

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