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Rod Cedaro – Amenorrhoea and the Female Athlete

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Amenorrhoea and the Female Athlete:

Female endurance athletes (particularly younger athletes) are suffering an increased incidence of amenorrhoea, or the absence of regular menstrual cycles. While for some athletes this may be viewed as a welcomed occurrence, the long-term health implications of this are potentially catastrophic.

Rod Cedaro - female Amenorrhoea

The hormonal changes that accompany amenorrhoea appear to increase the risk of osteoporosis or thinning of the bones. Although exercise has been touted as a means of strengthening bones, there appears to be a certain threshold beyond which there are detrimental effects on the skeleton. A hypo-estrogenic state (low estrogen levels) has been shown to offset the beneficial effects of exercise on bone mineral density (BMD) in amenorrheic (non-menstruating) female athletes.

Rod Cedaro BMD

In fact, one study found that although the amenorrheic athletes were exercising more (64 km per week of running versus 40 km per week), they had a 14% lower BMD than their regularly menstruating, not-quite-so-active, counterparts. A resumption of menstruation has been shown to improve BMD in such athletes.

The ideal training program to optimise skeletal health has yet to be determined but all indications are that it will call for a blend of aerobic and strength training.

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Rod Cedaro – 5 Healthy Water Drinks

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Hydration is essential for everyone, but particularly those that exercise – particularly athletes and those that train hard. Water is key – but it can sometimes get a little boring from time to time. But there are ways to make your water a little bit more interesting whilst at the same time gaining some adding nutritional benefits.

A few ways of adding taste to your water include:

  • Adding freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice
  • Adding fresh mint and ice
  • Adding crushed strawberries and mint
  • Freezing blueberries and adding them to lemon water
  • Adding freshly squeezing orange juice and grated ginger
  • Adding slices of cucumber

Rod Cedaro

There are many different combinations which you can experiment with and as well as added taste, they are great for helping cleanse the body. Fresh lemon and lime juice contain vitamin C, which is  an essential vitamin which is a powerful antioxidant – vital for a strong immune system.

Rod Cedaro: 3 Exercise Ideas for 2015

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The New Year is always a motivational time to resume or change your exercise routine. The excesses of Christmas can take their toll on your body – alcohol, sugars and large meals can wreak havoc on your routine and the New Year is an opportunity to start afresh.

With this in mind it is a good time to try something new and exciting – to push your body and mix things up a bit.

Here are 3 fat burning exercise ideas to try in 2015:

TRX Class:

TRX training

TRX training

TRX is the brand name for a method of suspension training which allows the user to work against their own body weight. There are many different options out there, but TRX is the market leader and often found in quality gyms.  It was born in the Navy Seals and offers a total body workout.The aim of TRX is to build core strength, flexibility and balance. It allows you to perform exercises in a more fluid way with the bands as a stabiliser. This method of training can work for a beginner or advanced athlete as there are so many options.

Spin Class:

Rod Cedaro 1

Spin class

Spin Class is growing in popularity as an indoor high-intensity cardiovascular workout.  It is a vigorous workout, which is great for fat burning and stamina. Lead by a trainer, you cycle on a stationary bike through varying levels of intensity and speeds, pushing you as much as possible. Spin class is a fun workout and a great way of changing up your training. Working out with others is motivational and spin class is a great way to get back into interval training.

Kettlebell workout

Rod Cedaro 3

Kettlebell workout

Kettlebells are a rounded weight with a handle, allowing you to perform explosive exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. It combines the benefits of weight training (with dumbbells) with a high intensity cardiovascular workout to increase power, build muscle and core strength. The shape of the kettlebell allows you to perform a much wider variety of exercises compared with standard dumbbells.  Before trying a kettlebell workout it is advised to speak to a personal trainer about form and technique in order to protect yourself against injury. There are many classes available at quality gyms and a variety of videos online as a starting point.

I hope you find these ideas useful and try something new in 2015!

Rod Cedaro

Rod Cedaro: Importance of Nutrition before a Triathlon

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Rod Cedaro_nutrition

Vitamin rich fruits and vegetables

Rod Cedaro:The Importance of Nutrition before a Triathlon

Eating right is a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it becomes all the more important when training for an event as rigorous as a triathlon. You must fuel your body properly, not unlike putting premium fuel in an F1 racecar.

Your diet will have to change long before the day of the event. Starting as early as 3 months before a triathlon, you should start removing all processed foods from your diet. If there’s an ingredient that you don’t recognize on the label, don’t buy it. Instead, start loading up on fresh produce and vegetables while cutting back on the protein a bit. The nutrients from natural foods will help your body prepare as you train while being supplemented by a little bit of protein here and there.

Rod Cedaro nutrition

Healthy carbohydrates

As the triathlon approaches, start cranking up your carb intake to properly fuel the ever increasing efforts of your training. Also be sure to eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods to avoid any illnesses that may throw you off your training.

A week before the event, you diet will have to shift once more. Begin drinking up to 96 oz. of water a day while avoiding caffeine and alcohol entirely. Start really loading up on carbs next, and drop fiber-rich foods. You need to prepare your body for the big day.

Finally, on race day you need to fully fuel up. Start with some low-fiber carbs and a small amount of protein to get your blood sugar in shape. Keep your training in mind, and stick to your plan, and all should go well. After the race, a smoothie or sports drink is the ideal option to regain the nutrients lost over the length of the triathlon.