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Rod Cedaro and Sean Buckley interview with Peter Maniatis

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In this excellent program from Channel 31 Peter Maniatis interviews  Sean Buckley from Ultra Tune and Rod Cedaro. They discuss up and coming boxer Randy Petalcorin and the benefits of altitude training.

Sean Buckley goes through the work of Randy ‘Ultra Tune’ Petalcorin and how he has risen up from his humble beginnings to World title success.
He is hungry for success, pushing hard with Altitude training and is excited for the future.

Rod Cedaro

Rod Cedaro

Rod Cedaro discusses the history of Altitude Services, which is now  looking to diversify the brand and expand into human training.
Altitude Services have invested in a fantastic altitude pool cover in Queensland, so athletes can swim to 3500 metres at altitude to train as opposed to going
to high altitude areas such as Colorado or Arizona.  These areas can be difficult for Australia’s to get to and benefit from long term by the time they travel there and back. They bring the altitude closer to home in Queensland for  athletes.

Rod Cedaro discusses the outstanding boxer Randy Petalcorin and his performance training with Altitude Services.
Most people will benefit from altitude training. It takes the elite level of training and gives you a 1-3% performance difference – which can be huge in racing and sports.

Watch the detailed video below: