Rod Cedaro: Altitude Services nears completion of Randwick retrofit!


Rod Cedaro Altitude ServicesAltitude Services has been working closely with John Thompson Racing Stables over the last couple of months to retrofit two existing stables at John’s Randwick based training/racing facility in Sydney, NSW in preparation for the lucrative upcoming 2015 Autumn Racing Carnival.

“We saw the impressive work that Altitude Services had completed at other racing facilities here in Australia. We read the supportive scientific information on the system and decided to invest in the technology. A legal 1-3% performance improvement at our level of racing is a huge advantage” commented John.

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“John’s facility posed a unique challenge for our building team” commented Altitude Services General Manager, Rod Cedaro. “In previous situations we’ve either built new systems from scratch, or been forced to retrofit poorly constructed, but purpose built, altitude stables. John’s circumstances were different. Here we were faced with existing stables that needed to be converted right beside normal horse boxes. We had to ensure that the area was effectively sound-proofed whilst modifying the existing stables in the context of the overall existing training facility. I think we’re all pretty happy with what has been achieved, on time and on budget. We can all now look forward to an exciting and successful Autumn Racing Carnival.”

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The retrofit works commence

Rod Cedaro randwick

The retrofitted stables take on a whole new look and feel.

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The Hypoxic running gear arrives.

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The Hypoxic running gear is placed in position for fit-off.

They look great and all are excited about the upcoming Autumn Racing Carnival!